You go to your 30 year school reunion. You have a great time, catching up with a few people you haven’t seen since the 20th, and you hear that Fred Smith is divorced after 15 years and Mary Bloggs is entering into her second marriage and her eldest from her first is about to be graduating from university. You’ve had a few drinks, possibly more than you would, usually, and you’ve had a good meal. As the night draws to a close, your friend, who’s only had a some lemonade, offers to drive you home, as they think you’ve had too much. You say, “No, no, I’ll be right.” You walk across to your car and start the engine, and drive off. At this point, you have several possible endings. Read through all of them, rather than a “Choose Your Own Ending.”

Possibility Number On: You drive down the road, and turn a corner, and before you, there’s red and blue flashing lights reflecting like flashing disco lights off a silver ball. A police officer, wearing a reflective vest, puts a Stop! Sign in front of you. You are asked to blow into a breathalyzer and your reading is higher than what is required. You hear the words, “You’re under arrest for the purposes of a breath analysis.” You enter the booze bus, where you are instructed to blow into a device and a print out is taken. Your licence is automatically suspended for 24 hours and you have to go to the police station the next day to collect your keys and you can take your car home. You are later given a date to appear before a magistrate. You need your licence for your job. Your boss decides, because you’re such a valuable employee, to keep you on, and hires a lawyer to help you. The lawyer advises you that if you want to get a work licence, to plead guilty and admit that you were wrong. One of two things may happen. The magistrate may say, “All right, you have acknowledged that you were wrong,” and grant you a work licence allowing you to drive between 6am and 9pm Monday to Friday and 6am and 2pm Saturday. Or, the magistrate may say, “Sorry,” and impose a fine and disqualification and tell you to ask your boss to find something for you to do until you get your licence back.

Possibility Number Two. You drive off down the road and you are involved in a single vehicle or multi-vehicle accident. You are injured and/or so is another party. You are taken to hospital, but still tested. You are charged not just with drink-driving but with causing serious injury or worse still, death. Your insurance company won’t pay up. You appear before a magistrate or judge and the sentence is a period of imprisonment. Even if you are minimum security, it’s not a nice time.

Possibility Number Three, you have an accident and are killed.

Possibility Number Four, you’re lucky and get home.

I knew someone whose father was always careful. If ever he went to a party, he’d give the car keys to his wife. One night, he went to a party in the same street, and he thought, “I’ll be right.” He was caught and punished. My brother knew a guy who went to a party around the corner and thought he’d be all right to drive home. He was way over the legal limit, and was stopped. He was nearly sick in the back of a police car. They took him to McDonald’s and got him some food, and then took him home. He was charged, but because he admitted his guilt, he obtained a work licence, despite being fined and otherwise disqualified.

So, if those consequences would make you think twice about drink-driving, why would you think gung-ho about a COVID19 Vaccine?! You might be lucky and get a mild form of the disease. You might get long COVID19, or you might get very sick. It’s all very well to trust your immune system, but that’s not always the way.

These protestors are not campaigning against tyranny. If you want to know what tyranny is, check out some of what is happening around the world. Rolling back protections for LGBTIQA+ people is tyranny. Marital rape not being a crime is a form of tyranny. Criminalizing marital rape helps to end tyranny. Coercive control is a form of tyranny! Criminalizing it helps end tyranny. Vaccine mandates are not tyranny, they are common sense.

If you do contract COVID19, you have a number of possible outcomes, which cannot be predicted by tests, yet. Let’s take MS, as a comparison. You can be diagnosed with MS, and after five years, you might be mildly disabled. After five years, you might be moderately disabled. After five years you might be severely disabled.

So, why take the chance?