Imagine this. You have been raised in a loving home and you’ve reached middle age. One of your parents has died and the other is dying. You sit holding your dying parent’s hand as they slip away. After you’ve had a cry and the staff at the hospital tidy up your parent and take them to the mortuary, you are presented with an envelope, amongst that parent’s things. You open it and discover that you were adopted. Part of you has always looked upon your parents as your parents, but part of you wants to know who your birth parents were.

You discover that your birth mother is still alive, and that your birth father raped your mother. She didn’t want you, but couldn’t have an abortion, so you were given up. You still want to meet her, so you seek contact. You wait. Then you receive a letter that your birth mother doesn’t want to meet you. You feel rejected. Yet you, due to the circumstances, can eventually bring yourself to understand why.

The religious Right’s argument that a child conceived due to a rape is a “gift from God” is a nonsense. A child who is desperately yearned for and is conceived is a gift from God; a child who is not wanted due to sexual encounter that is not wanted is not.

The disgusting claims from Rick Perry and Tyla Hulbrecht, that it is “God’s way of comforting raped women,” or that it is, “God’s silver lining,” do not present the image of a loving god. They suggest a vengeful misogynist who believes that women should be controlled and have no choice regarding their own bodies. I am not a father, but I am an uncle, and the last thing I would EVER say to my niece, if anybody raped her, and she fell pregnant is that she was carrying a gift from God or that it was God’s silver lining or God’s way of comforting her. I would want the bastard who did it to her locked up!

Rape is a crime and a child conceived through rape should not be viewed as a gift from God. Tyla Hulbrecht should know better, being a woman, and Rick Perry or Idiot Pat Robertson have little likelihood of being raped (I don’t know how many know this, but Pat Robertson’s real name is Marion and he chose to be called Pat because he didn’t want people to think he was a girl! That, therein shows that he is a misogynist. Most people who have non-gendered names, such as Lee or Leslie, would not take such action. In fact, my grandmother’s brother’s name was Leslie and his daughter’s name was Leslie, too.

Men should not be controlling women’s bodies!

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