When I was a kid, a joke used to be “How do you fit 100 people into a car? You put Maxwell Smart in the front, and 99 in the back.” Maxwell Smart was Agent 86, and 99 was his girlfriend’s code name.

Today, I saw a protestor claim that there were 50,000 people at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. Apart from the fact that you couldn’t fit 50,000 people into the City Botanical Gardens, that is a gross overstatement.

I have heard people, when I compare vaccine mandates to seatbelt mandates, that you don’t inject the seatbelt, I say, “Okay, as an autistic, I am a literal thinker, but that’s beside the point.”

Similarly, I knew a man who refused to take a position with a company because, wait for it, the company car was a Mitsubishi Magna and he didn’t like Magnas. Okay, if you went to work for a company and you had a bad back and your company car was a Holden Commodore and you complained and said that you wanted a Ford Falcon because your back problem was exacerbated by sitting in a Commodore, I’d say fair enough. I have driven Commodores and a Falcon, and I say, if I had to choose between a four hour drive in a Commodore or a five hour drive in a Falcon, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the Falcon. For the comfort, especially.

So, now we have people complaining that they risk losing their jobs if they refuse to have a COVID19 vaccine. Yes, the clot risk with Astra Zeneca is a legitimate ground for concern, and yes, so is wanting to have it from your regular GP instead of from a public clinic or a hardware store, but reasons to refuse a COVID19 vaccine are as selfish as a neurotypical pushing for a cure for autism.

If you have a child, and that child is not vaccinated, they cannot attend child care or school. 100 years ago, there were no vaccines for diphtheria, so you could die from it and it was a HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE. The way people die from COVID19 is equally horrible. And, suppose you have a child who is unvaccinated, and they go to child care, and they have the measles (you’re contagious before the spots emerge) and there’s a child there who has, or has a relative with, leukaemia, and they contract the measles and the ill person gets it, they could die!

I know that there are some people who are asymptomatic carriers of Hepatitis B, who can transmit it. I also know that there are some people with HIV and through natural processes that we are yet to understand, it does not progress to full blown AIDS. But to say that you trust your immune system is risky to say the least!

Why do I say that neurotypical people who want a cure for autism are selfish? Because they don’t accept autistic people for who they are and are, in many cases, happy to be.

If a person won’t vaccinate against COVID19 for themselves, they can do it for their family, friends and communities. Rioting in the streets is NOT the answer to our problems.

People talk about vaccine apartheid, but here’s what they ignore. Saying that vaccinated people can enter and non vaccinated can’t cannot be compared to racially selective facilities. A person cannot help the colour of their skin, hair, eyes or anything else, but a person can help their vaccine status.

Diagnosed with autism at 35. Explained a lifetime of difference.