Twelve months ago, I felt a sense of great relief. The most dangerous in American History and most tumultuous era since the Vietnam War had come to an end. Allegations of voter fraud and faulty voting machines were a nonsense and ones that the courts had no hesitation in dispelling.

After Mike Pence certified the election result, all he could do under the circumstances, there were preposterous calls to hang him. To be perfectly honest, if they meant for treason, it would have been treasonous for him not to certify the election result rather than to certify it!

The same person who said that when the looting started the shooting started was noticeably quiet during this riot. The simple reason being that that person is a racist who opposed what they were rioting about and supported what the Capitol rioters were doing. And let’s be honest, trump was NOT acquitted because he was an innocent party, he was acquitted because not enough Republicans had the gumption to vote to convict.

When Joe Biden became President, I was delighted that he rejoined the Paris Agreement and WHO. I was also delighted that the US finally had a president who took climate change and COVID19 seriously, after four years of populist lunacy.

I have been a bit disappointed in Joe Biden, but at least he’s not trump. Will trump be the first since Grover Cleveland to serve two inconsecutive terms? God, I hope not! Let us hope that the trump era can be put behind us.

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