In response to one person, whom I have blocked, transwomen are NOT helping to erase women's rights. And no, it is NOT the case that, "Any bloke can stick on a wig and call himself "her"", either!

Until 1973, homosexuality was viewed as a mental illness and the things that were done under the guise of "treatment" were horrendous and inhumane.

If you want to know something, the operation Hysterectomy gets its name because it was associated with women being hysterical.

Whether there was a riot at a psychiatric conference is beside the point; homosexuality was removed from the DSM because people researched further and realized that it was not a mental illness.

Nowadays, many a psychiatrist has contradicted Freud, and numerous others.

For that person to also say that "I swear you'd be happy... medication, and sex changes and supporting child abuse...." is also offensive. And, to that, I say, I would rather give kids who experience pain at their gender identity medications that can delay puberty, rather than seeing them grow into unhappy adults! Why? Well, let's face it, an AMAB who unhappily develops male characteristics, such as a deep voice and facial hair, has to have electrolysis and surgery to remove it. And, I can see, other than donating a kidney or blood, no greater demonstration of parental love for a child than taking that child to a paediatric endocrinologist and psychiatrist, who assesses them and prescribes medication. Why? Because they are letting that child be who they are. What I consider child abuse, unless it is against the child's wishes, which the medical team would pick up straightaway, is a parent who, if they have an AMAB child who isn't happy about it, forcing them to play football or do other stereotypical male activities.

Diagnosed with autism at 35. Explained a lifetime of difference.