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  • Paulina Rau

    Paulina Rau

    Writer, human rights advocate especially those of refugees, procrastinator, animal rights, Buddhism, lapsed vegan, history and politics addict. And, laughter.

  • Alanna Marie

    Alanna Marie

    Feel your uniqueness and embrace it. #MtF #CatMom #ProudIntrovert

  • Janet Clazzy

    Janet Clazzy

    Just wanting to write persuasive little essays proving that no one is better than anyone else.

  • Athena, the Anonymous Arithmetic Autie

    Athena, the Anonymous Arithmetic Autie

    I’m a 39yo Math teacher who recently found out she is AUTISTIC. This blog is about my journey of struggle, adjustment, & hopefully, eventually, acceptance.

  • James Clarke

    James Clarke

    Hello, I’m James. I’m a writer & wine lover living in Wetherill Park, Australia. I am a fan of travel, food, and wine. You can visit http://bit.ly/TropyWineClub

  • Adeelshahzad


  • Ufuk Kocacık

    Ufuk Kocacık

    Capital Markets — Business Models — Strategic Management



    Trading Btc in 2010 first exchange “Virwox”, 2013 Coinbase open I buy 88 BTC, account got frozen without notice, Don't ever forget"Not your key, not your coins"

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